CHAINSAW: The Newest Weight Loss Revolution

Millions of people around the world are disappointed by their bodies. Desperate to drop a few pounds, they do more harm than good with extreme fad diets and ridiculous surgeries. These people care so much about how their bodies look on the outside, that they’re perfectly willing to destroy them on the inside.

If you’re one of these people, then I’ve got the product for you!

Would you like to wear your new bathing suit at the beach with confidence? Would you like to get down to a size four for your sister’s no-fatties-allowed wedding? Would you like to enjoy amusement park rides from inside the cars?

Worry no more! Weight loss is now instant and requires little to absolutely no effort. The newest diet revolution has arrived. Introducing: CHAINSAW.

With CHAINSAW, all your problems are solved. Unlike other weight loss programs, the CHAINSAW program is super easy and doesn’t require months of dedication. You will shed pounds in seconds!

After signing up for CHAINSAW, you’ll receive it in the mail within 2-5 business days (shipping may be expensive). Once received, take CHAINSAW out of the packaging and fire it up. Select the ON button, and simply apply CHAINSAW to any limb of your choosing. This part may get messy.

Once you’ve completed these easy steps, go to the nearest scale. Be careful not to slip on any red puddles of “excess pounds.” Remember, safety always comes first with CHAINSAW.

While weighing yourself, you should notice an instant difference. Hell, if you stand on the scale long enough, you may even notice the pounds plummet before your very eyes!

The average limb weighs 10-25 pounds, and CHAINSAW uses a patented scientific procedure to drop that weight to almost nothing.

So what’s the catch? How much does it cost for this miracle product? Well, sign up now and you’ll get the best rate in town. Most people are willing to give an arm and a leg for their dream body, and with CHAINSAW, that’s exactly what we’re asking for!

Call now! Cut off your food addiction. Shred that unwanted body fat. Sever your ties with depression.

CHAINSAW also doubles as a toothbrush.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    This entry reminds me of those pay per post blogs or the transcript of the shopping channel. I'm almost convinced. If I call now will you throw in a second chainsaw absolutely free?

  2. Justin R. says:

    I've yet to see a chainsaw that gets "plugged in". They usually run on gasoline and have a pull cord to start it. 😛

    Oh, and GROSS! lol

  3. mandie says:

    haha nice.

    yeah, and I dont wanna be a whore.

  4. Vicky says:

    lmao well I am only 5ft 2ins and weigh about 98 pounds, plus I don't drink often, probably why I get drunk so quickly XD hehe.

  5. Felisa says:

    Hahaha nice…
    For another 10-12 lbs, go for your head.

  6. Brent says:

    What a cute design ^.^

  7. claire says:

    hahahahahahahaha! i love it. wonder how much weight would be gone if they sawed off a leg. man, that would be biggest loser status lol

  8. Alya says:

    Weell, I dont know if I enjoy a few subjects that I study.
    They are such a fuss. lols
    Maybe I enjoy Maths caus I am good at it.
    But the others, I all hate them!!
    How about you? Any subjects that you enjoy?

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