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What’s with our passion for abbreviations? And why is “abbreviations” such a long word?

In my opinion, it’s rude to not spell out entire words. The only time I use chatspeak is when someone isn’t worth my time. For example, if I were going to write a breakup letter, it might look like this…

Sup Ex,

Yes, u hurd me… U r my ex now. We r thru. It’s ur fault. U shouldn’t have wlkD away aftr our fyt. Y did u leaV? Y did u do dis 2 me? F u reply 2 dis letta, I dnt care f u say u will BRB or BBL. The fact is dat u rly said TTFN. Omg. I m seriS. I m nt LOL… nor m I ROFL or LMAO… I m nt evn ROFLMFAO. IMO, I honestly <3’d u. U wr my qt. U made me say ILY. U hurt me. WTG, jerk. FML.

I wish I knu the 411. Nt every1 n the wrld has ESP. It all hapnd so fast… 1 day I was @ the comp, but thN, I went AFK to cum vzit u. And as I went n 2 ur home, wut did I c? I saw u and ur other luvr. I wuz ^set. I almst had a AVE, BLVD, RD, ETC… I jst had 2 get 4, 4 away. The runN made me lose a lot of lbs (IE. APPROX 2).

@ home, my ETA wuz 4:00 PM. I prolly ran @ a pace of a billion MPH. Not dat u care tho. U always had a lo IQ. N e wA, here’s the surpriz: I filmd u cheatin on me. LOL! Take dat! Would u like a copy in VHS or DVD? Uhh… well… no 1 rly uses a VCR n e mor, but I’ll gladly make a VHS 4 ur parNts. Yes, dey gt a copy. ROFL. FYI, now u r the 1 dat is SOL. Dey will gt 2 watch evry sec of it. The day I send it is TBA. Liv n’ fear!

O, no need 4 thx… I’ll gladly say yw n advance.
RSVP 4 ur doom ASAP! (BYOB)

Ur Ex Luvr


Blah. That actually took more effort than writing the full words.

I think I’ll simply ditch the shortcuts and cutesy initials. In terms of communication and a clearer exchange of ideas, it’s better PR.

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  1. Ben says:

    Yeah I hate abbreviations and I never use them if I'm talking to someone who is worth my time! But people who I really don't want to chat to on msn I use abbreviations for them. But I don't use all the stupid ones that don't even sound right or things like 4 or dat, I can't be bothered with ones like that.

  2. Greg says:

    Hey Justin!
    I have got a new layout up.
    Please check it out and tell me what you think.

    I was experimenting with Image Rollovers, anyway the site is looking fabulous!

    The blog hurt my head too!
    Cya soon, Greg (:

  3. Rachel says:

    Way too many abbreviations Justin. How long did that take? Probably longer than just going ahead and writing the words out. Haha

  4. georgina says:

    i read this and gave up on the paragraph when it started saying "i wish you knew the 411" o_o im useless at abbreviations. i can barely spell normally. why do i need to abbreviate it lol? i tried to read it but never mind lol i read the words i understood ;o good blog :]
    0mg y0u sh0uld try numb3r5. th3y 4r3 s0 h4rd s0m3t1m3s t0 und3rst4nd. o_o

  5. Amara Selvin says:

    Never before in my life,I have ever seen so much chatspeak. My mom would freak at this XD

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