Your Clothes aren’t Gay

Well that’s gay. That’s soooo gay. That’s like totes uber gay. Bleh. You have no idea how many times I hear that awful phrase… uber.

… Okay, obviously I’m joking. My real gripe is with the word gay – a word that represents me – being used to express dislike and hate. I hear so many things called gay: homework, exams, traffic… One time I even heard a girl say, “My mom and dad are so gay!”

What the hell does that even mean? Was she adopted?

There are so many expressions about other minorities that people wouldn’t dare to say, but quips like “that’s so gay” and “no homo” are all over the place.

It’s ridiculous. The word gay used to mean happy. Now it means the complete opposite. It’s like when hipsters call something bad but really mean it’s good but truly mean it’s bad but ultimately mean nothing because they’re being “ironic.”

Considering the root definition, calling someone gay should be a compliment. Why doesn’t anybody ever say “Oh Em Gee! I love your bag! It’s so gay!”

One time, I was wearing a colorful jacket and somebody called it gay. Gah. Yes, I suppose in the grand scheme of things, my jacket prefers to mate with other jackets of the same sex. If I recall correctly, I actually found homoerotic magazines under its bed. Inside, there were highly explicit pictures of jackets taking it up the sleeve. They popped their collars, unzipped each other, turned inside out, and completely exposed their tags. There were even interracial pictures between a jacket and a muumuu.

On a serious note, being gay is not some zinger. I was born with a burdening secret. Growing up, I heard so many false, misleading, and downright mean things about who I was and what I was going to become. It’s unfair.

I totally believe in freedom of speech, but when you know you’re saying something hurtful, do you want to be THAT person who keeps saying it anyway?

Besides, there are so many awesome alternatives: that’s so vile! that’s so applesauce! that gives me the collywobbles! what a load of hooey! horseapples! poppycock! that’s so uber jacket!

I guess my point is that words can hurt, and in today’s world, members of the LGBTQABCDEFG community already have enough to deal with. Next time you’re pissed off at life, remember; the world isn’t gay… I am.

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  1. Miles says:

    But what about EMO?

  2. Sandra says:

    I only use the word gay when I'm happy. But I guess gay in today's world simply means gay.

  3. Sandra says:

    I only use the word gay when I'm happy. But I guess gay in today's world simply means gay. I respect you for being who you are, same goes to my friends who are in the LGBTQABCDEFG. We are all human beings for Pete's sake, we are who we are after all. So I'm with you with this blog entry! I like the alternatives! Applesauce, collywobbles! *PS sorry for the previous comment before this. I accidently pressed enter thus submitting my 'unfinished' comment. ^^

  4. melle lee says:

    the term "gay" is now overused.. Everything can be tagged as gay.. even the way you eat and what you're eating and yes, words can hurt especially if the term that was used against you was offensive and insulting.. now, that's gay.. LOL

  5. I always tell people (especially children) to watch their words. Not only the words that they used to describe others but the words they used to describe themselves….why? Because as you said "words can hurt". And there are a lot of people out there who are abusing others with words out of ignorance and self-inflicting pain because they aren't loving themselves enough to be mindful of their word choices.

  6. Clint says:

    I think people are overrated with the use of the word "gay". I mean, it's like they are using it as a word replacement.

  7. Stephanie says:

    It's silly how we are constantly changing the meaning of words so we have to keep making new ones. It's odd how a word that just used to mean happy, then meant that you like other people of the same sex, then went straight to a derogatory term. I sometimes wonder how the first jump began in the first place? Not to mention telling someone they are gay is a poor insult anyway. "You are so gay!" "why, yes, I am extrodinarily happy! It's too bad that you're life is so meaningless that you have to try to insult others with such poor creativity."

    In order to not be offended by people's misuse of words I try to think of their sentences in literal terms. For example, if someone were to say "school is so gay" I imagine a school filled with rainbows and people of the same sex hand in hand prancing around happily, with unicorns and nyan cat thrown in for good measure. If someone were to say "that flower is retarded" I say "Well, if it isn't growing fast enough, maybe you should water it!".

  8. Isabel says:

    My Brothers call my clothes gay all the time. Then I call their clothes cats (since I hate saying bad things) and they're like "Wtf?!"

  9. CharlieIsADemigod says:

    It’s unfair when people say stuff like this! Just because a boy’s wearing pink (for example) doesn’t mean that you can go and call them gay.

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