A Friendly Game of Peek-a-Boo

When I was a kid, I did some really weird shit…

I liked to tie yarn around dolls’ necks, lynch them over our staircase, and leave them hanging for my mom to discover.

Sometimes I would turn off all the lights, scream “Mortal Kombat,” and whack my family with an inflatable bat.

One time I boobie-trapped our house because I was scared those talking M&M guys were coming to get me.

Every Friday, I would put on my mom’s high-heeled shoes and “perform” classic Madonna songs. Surprisingly, my mother never picked up that I was gay.

Looking back, one of my strangest childhood rituals was a game I created. The game was simple: every time I saw my dad, I had to make the goofiest face imaginable. Sometimes I’d squint my eyes. Other times, I’d pull on my ears. One time, I distinctly remember putting a Hot Wheels car in my mouth and spitting it at him.

I even provided sound effects, which often made me sound like a dying cat. My faces got so f***ed up that my eyes were eventually popping out like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall. At first, my dad was mortified, but eventually, he joined in on the fun. It was like playing peek-a-boo, but with all parties involved looking constipated.

My dad’s faces were NEVER as good as mine. Well, almost never. When I was four years old, he totally owned me. I remember it vividly; I popped out from behind my bed, delivering the craziest face I could muster. Without missing a beat, my father retaliated by falling to the floor, pouting up his lips, and rolling his eyes in the back of his head. Whoa… he had stepped up his game.

I fought back by pulling on my hair and making goat noises. But as my dad continued to flop around like a wounded pigeon, I admitted I was no match for his brilliance. I conceded and started laughing at him. He didn’t stop; opting to continue motorboating the air. Damn. How the hell was he making such an awesome face?

Well, it turns out he was having a seizure.

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  1. Tiara Lynn says:

    Lol. I love this story but the end was not expected. You should write a book. I'd totally read it.

    I hope your dad is okay.

  2. Jen says:

    hahaha…great story. I am assuming your dad was ok after the fact.

  3. Hyeoni says:

    Woah…was your dad okay?! The end was completely unexpected! I was like …hahaha…aw…hahaha……shock… o.o

    That was good (the beginning story) and very sneaky! 😛 The things you did were pretty weird, LOL. I used to play epic sounding music when no one is around, turn of the lights and act like the main heroine in tragedy. I even cried in my own acting. -__-

  4. Krystal says:

    Everything seemed very lighthearted until the end! I'm assuming your dad is fine since that occurred, right??

    In elementary school, I didn't have many friends. So during recess, I would talk to myself and act out a story. I barely remember anything I ever said to myself. 😛

    I can't remember anything else that sticks out from my childhood about myself. I'm pretty boring.

  5. nyuu says:

    haha that's horrible!

    But I hope your dad is okay now…I hope you're okay.

    When I was little, I would scream MORTAL KOMBAT, too. 'tis was one my favorite game when I was little.

  6. Amanda says:

    LOL it's alright, we've all had our share of weird games as children. The most important part is that you enjoyed them XD

    Aw I hope your dad was okay in the end XD When we're little we never know about these kind of things !

  7. Jayy says:

    i miss being little. that's when it's socially acceptable to make up games… unlike rolling duct tape across the floor trying to hit objects at work (which yes, i did last night). see, I'm still making up weird games to entertain myself.

    my friend's younger brother used to rip the heads off our barbies, so i don't think what you did was too outlandish.

    plot twist surprise ending! don't think anyone saw that coming. i repeat everyone's sentiments that i hope he is ok and that the rest of the story didn't leave you scarred.

  8. Jenny Aster says:

    I was a rather…tame child compared to you then. I mainly just gave my little sister a lot of elder sisterly grief and had a uselessly wild imagination. Silly faces were never really my thing.

    The ending of this blog was a huge shocker; thanks, Justin. The ending sentiment of "that made me pee a little" really does help. haha I hope your dad was okay following the seizure though.

  9. Sunny says:

    Haha, that made me pee a little too! >W< Your dad seems so cool!!!!! It's really awesome that you guys had such a special game together 🙂 I grew up with my grandparents (because my parents were at school working for their masters degrees,) so I'm not THAT close to my parents 🙁 I love them and I enjoy their company a lot, but I wish I had those fun times with my dad too! 😛
    I clicked on the video and I didn't realize my volume was up so loud… scared the daylight out of me haha XD but the bulging eyes part was so funnyyy XD

  10. Deanna says:

    What a weird game you were playing with your dad. Did that actually happen? That would be so scary. Did you ever play that game again?

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