Posted on Wed, 08 August 2018
It’s been a quiet few weeks here at the blog, but don’t worry, nothing is wrong! If you were keeping up with me on social media you’ll already know I was on my holidays πŸ™‚ I had planned to have a working holiday, especially as we had wifi at the cottage and then I ended up just having a completely restful and relaxing break away. It was much needed and to be honest, the only one pushing me to work was me. I wasn’t falling behind, I had no reviews that needed to be desperately finished and I thought it was best for myself toRead More → The post My Dorset Holiday Photo Blog appeared first on Just Geeking By - A Geeky Lifestyle Blog.


Posted on Fri, 03 August 2018
Don't hate yourself. Falling in love is in not an act of stupidity. Never!  You just happened to stumble the wrong person or maybe, just maybe, both of you were at the wrong place at a wrong time.You are young. You have a lot to see and to experience in this beautiful world. Do not hate the world. Not everything is served on a silver platter.Do not blame yourself for acting instantly because, my dear, it is part of who you are. You cannot blame yourself for that. Do not shut yourself to the world. Do not give up on love. If you decide to give it a break,  give it a go. One day, you'll be surprised it will be coming to you the least you expect it.I know it is dreading to let go of relationships that you have built but if it is killing you, think cautiously on how you will proceed. In this lifetime it is best if we don't burn bridges. You'll never know since this world is small, and life can throw us surprises.Onwards, uday! Ayaw pagpirdi hit kakuri hit kinabuhi. Pastilan damo pa it malabay nga adlaw ngan damo pa it tsana. Tapod la hit Gino - o. Ayaw ka baraka tanan kita nagsasayop, tanan kita mayda usa nga tawo nga para ha aton. I admire you for being carefree and honest. In response to your letter, I want to thank you for trusting me and sharing your story. I CARE for you and I LOVE YOU.  Life is never easy. Know that ones' pain and heartbreak can never be cured unless it is acknowledged. Remember that not everything is meant to be. Let the past remain in the past; if it serves you well let it be your inspiration so you can go onwards Uday.Love,Your AtePhoto by Xan Griffin on Unsplash
Posted on Thu, 02 August 2018
First thanks for the well wishes. 😊 I obviously felt the urge to write. I have this habit of mine where I feel I need to re-do certain things. Its probably due to my OCD. Its a habit I hate because it causes me a lot of stress. I’ve been feeling that a lot this […]
Posted on Thu, 02 August 2018
A hangover cannot only cause pounding headaches, nausea, and fatigue, but it can also take its toll on your physical appearance. After a heavy night of drinking alcohol, you might wake up to dark circles around your eyes, dull skin, and unwanted blemishes on your face. Thankfully, there are ways to cover a hangover, so no-one will know you spent the night partying, which is perfect if you need to go to work the next day. Here’s how to style out a hangover. Splash Cool Water onto Your Face Looking in the mirror after a night of partying can be... The post How to Style Out a Hangover appeared first on RemakeStyle. Related posts: Night Routine for Your Face How I Cured my Acne: Night-time Beauty Regimen Tips To Keep Your Eyes Beautiful and Healthy
Posted on Wed, 01 August 2018
So I have been inside our house for the past few weeks, and I think I kind of forget for it is like to be outside the house. Haha. I have been focused lately in de-cluttering my room and sort...
Posted on Mon, 30 July 2018
I am making up the name of the painting because I cannot for the life of me remember it. We've talked off and on about participating in a paint nite, so I finally said, why not. The first step was getting tickets. Now we think we'd like to do this at least once a month, […]
Posted on Sun, 29 July 2018
I got my hair done in May, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t showed it off here yet! My hairdresser is actually someone I knew in high school! I ran into her while downtown in the college town I live in and she offered to do my hair. I wanted my whole head […]
Posted on Sun, 29 July 2018
I got my hair done in May, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t showed it off here yet! My hairdresser is actually someone I knew in high school! I ran into her while downtown in the college town I live in and she offered to do my hair. I wanted my whole head […]
Posted on Sun, 15 July 2018
This week Tyrone and I finally booked our summer holiday! We are going on a Baltic Cruise! We’ll be going to Norway (Oslo), Sweden (Stockholm and Gothenburg), Finland (Helsinki), Russia (St Petersburg), Estonia (Tallinn), Gemany (possibly going on an excursion to Berlin) and Denmark (Copenhagen). I’m so excited I haven’t stopped smiling since I booked […]
Posted on Wed, 11 July 2018
Did I mention I went to London in March? Markus and I wanted a little getaway so we hopped on a plane and left the country for a few days. 😜 We did all the main touristy stuff the last time we were in London, so this time we took it pretty easy. The first 2 days we strolled around looking in shops. Also made it a point to walk down different streets and past different places than we did on our previous visit. London is huge and I want to see as much of it as possible! The weather was surprisingly nice too on those first days. It was warm and sunny, like proper spring. 🌞 I did not need the massive winter coat I had brought with me. Walked through Chinatown for the first time. I loved the decorations! It was such a colourful contrast to all the grey streets surrounding it. We had lunch there in Chinatown too. I ordered something I wouldn’t dare try to pronounce but the description said “soup”. I figured I’d get a spoon so I wouldn’t have to embarrass myself with chopsticks. Read more The post Weekend in London was originally published on Imaginary Karin.
Posted on Wed, 04 July 2018
It's July 4th, and it's been awhile between posts, but there's a good reason!
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