Posted on Sat, 27 May 2017
I went to Miami for a weekend getaway bachelorette shindig. I had a blast and I was glad to get off of work for the first time because I was starting to feel burnt out. To kick off my vacation, I opted for a 25 minute massage at an “express spa” inside the Dallas airport. It […]


Posted on Fri, 12 May 2017
The semester’s coming to an end, and I’ve been swamped with university stuff. Summer can’t come quickly enough, if you ask me! Anyway, I put together a little list of facts about me, and decided that 27 should be the magic number seeing how I turn 28 in less than a month. Without further ado,… Read More 27 Facts About Me The post 27 Facts About Me appeared first on Philosuffy.
Posted on Tue, 09 May 2017
It is almost 5 am.  I woke up sweaty because of the heat. It is really summer. While some are enjoying their vacation. I am eating for breakfast to leave for work. I feel bad not being around often. So I figured I do a quick happy list. 1. Work location.2.  Conversations.3. Getting involved in a prenup photo shoot. It's the thing I want to do!  My former household head in SFC is getting married. The schedule has been reset due to bad weather. Last Saturday it finally happened.4. Short stories. I finally finished the short story that I have been writing for a month. You may read it here. 5. Korean Drama and The Return of Superman 6.100 Likes. The official Facebook page of this blog has reached a milestone. The photo project in the page under #EverydayWithKoshe has been going on.7. My brother got married.8. I almost had a date. 9. People at work is easy to work with.10. Reading blogs. How about you guys what have you been up to?
Posted on Tue, 09 May 2017
People might notice a bit of a change to the blog – this is due to me importing entries from two wordpress blogs which I used to run a number of years ago. One of those was a dollshouse and miniatures blog, called Little Hobbit Crafts. I am taking up my miniatures hobby again and […]
Posted on Tue, 09 May 2017
Traveling with your family can be both extremely rewarding and extremely difficult. When considering international travel with your children, it is very important that you, as the adult, are well organized for your trip. When being in complete control of everything is necessary for you and your children in a foreign country, the last thing you need while traveling is to worry about what to do when you stain your favorite white T-shirt! (The answer: don’t bring it with you to begin with.) Here are some tips for simplifying your wardrobe for international travel: Choose a Couple of Pairs of... Related posts: Planning Your Honeymoon Wardrobe: What to Pack and What to Leave? Christmas Holiday Fashion Vacation Preparation Top School Wardrobe Staple
Posted on Thu, 04 May 2017
So, Stephen Hawking adjusts the doomsday clock and people’s reaction is not, ‘How do we fix this?’, it’s to attack each other. Attacks on religious beliefs (or lack thereof), attack each other’s politics, race, nationality, gender and then attack Hawking. I have an opinion, just like everyone else. I think that it would be easier and […]
Posted on Tue, 02 May 2017
This post is locked, but you can Register or Log in to try and get a key! The post I’ve Been Keeping a Deep & Dark Secret appeared first on Loose Lips.
Posted on Mon, 01 May 2017
I decided to stop documenting my Sims story for two reasons. The first being that you didn’t really seem that interested in following along. The second being that I technically failed the Challenge. In the 4th generation, the parents were pretty old when they started having children. When the parent’s died, all three children were … Continue reading I Quit →
Posted on Thu, 27 April 2017
I’m home and getting back into the swing of things after a 5 day mini vacation from life and work. Let’s just say, I’m not that excited to be back to work. I liked having stress free days, but the stress is all back now. Anyways, my mini vacation included C2E2 and Chicago. C2E2 What […]
Posted on Wed, 26 April 2017
This is my first post of the year, in April. How is everyone doing?… The post Gaming Tidbits appeared first on Little Town. Related posts: A Full Review of Dragon Age: Inquisition Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Mini-Review Ten Things I Love About Overwatch Life Lately Friday’s 10 Happy Things
Posted on Mon, 24 April 2017
As a blogger and designer, I like to give a helping hand to others when I can. I thought it would be fun to create digital freebies which may be useful. The question is, what free resources do you want? If you’re a blogger who seeks out free resources to use, what do you look… The post What free resources do you want? appeared first on Kya.
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