Posted on Sun, 28 May 2017
In regards to my previous post, one of the biggest changes that happened in my life, is my LASIK surgery. I got it done on Friday, March 10th, 2017.I've been wearing glasses/contacts since I was in the 6th grade or so, and gradually wore it full time around 11th grade. My vision was -2.25 and -2.50 which in retrospect, itsn't even that bad. I can survive days without glasses because my routine never changes and it got the point where I can recognize people's blurry figures and all.I debated on getting LASIK for some time after Sergio told me about his experience. While contacts and glasses didn't get on my nerves THAT much, it was the convenience of waking up and seeing the world clearly again. It was being able to travel without worrying about my contact solutions and contacts. It was about being able to play sports again without irritating my contacts. Ultimately, I just wanted to wake up and not worry about my vision anymore and travel without having my contacts irritate me. In my previous experiences, everytime I was in a dusty or extremely humid place, my contacts eventually would act up and my mood would change drastically and I wouldn't enjoy that day or moment in time.I posted a quick snapchat/instagram about potentially getting LASIK and much to my surprise, a lot of my old colleagues and classmates gotten LASIK done a few years ago and told me to not even think about hesitating and just book the appointment with one of the biggest LASIK surgery firms out there... and back in January, I did it.Come the day of, I was extremely nervous. Prior to my surgery, on the consultation meeting, the representative quoted me the final price (with no surprises come surgery day), and gave me some bios of surgeons that I can choose. I chose not to choose one specifically.I was one of the earlier surgeries happening that day (like 8:30am early). I was out about 10ish or 11ish, I forgot.During my time, they made me feel as comfortable and relaxed as I can be. During the time they assessed my eyes one last time and giving me numbing drops, it turns out, they were going to upgrade me to the All Laser procedure - which means, laser beams are used to create the flap rather than a razor blade - without any additional charges. I was completely surprised but took the offer anyways because the Laser procedure had more benefits to the razor.After assessing my eyes and paying everything, they led me to a quiet, dark room and had my lay down for some time until I was called. They were also giving me numbing drops for my eyes.I think I waited for about 20-30 minutes in the dark until I was called. At this point, I was shaking so badly.I met with Dr. Nagy, the surgeon for my eyes. He explained the procedure beforehand and asked if I had any questions or requests. All I ask was for someone to just talk to me throughout the procedure and even explain to me what's going on.So, his assistants gave me a hair net, asked me to lay down on the bed and gave me an anti-stress ball to squeeze throughout the surgery.So here's where it surprises me and probably will surprise you as well.My surgery was done in about 10 minutes. After settling in, Dr. Nagy inserted a metal thing on the top and bottom of my eye to force my eyes to open. I believe these metal things went underneath my eyelid....Secondly, he forced this plastic contraction down which ended up bruising my eyes (you can see that later), which I assume sort of "pops" the eye ball out? Not entirely, but it felt like they were trying to make a clear separation between my eye ball and the skin and all.If I'm being completely honest, this part only lasted a few minutes but it was probably the most uncomfortable part. There was so much pressure being pushed into my eye, it didn't hurt but it wasn't pleasant. Rest assure, it's only the pressure that was uncomfortable - once they got those plastic things in place, you don't even feel it anymore.After that was done, they got the laser ready. I was told to keep my focus on the green light. I could hear the machines and the laser beeping.I focused on the light, and focused and focused. I remember Dr. Nagy saying, "Okay, your flaps are made" in which I was just dumbfounded. I was so focused on staring into the light, it turns out, the laser already happened and my flaps were made for the actual laser to fix my eye sight.It didn't hurt a bit.During this time, Dr. Nagy warned me that my vision will get really blurry, and potentially even blacked out. Being blind did not happen to me but it was so blurry, I couldn't even see his hands clearly. I saw his tools "picking up" my flap to hold in place while the laser beam hits my cornea.It was such an odd experience to see these tools touching my eyes but not feeling anything. He performed my left eye first, and similar to making the flap, I was told to focus on the light and within a few minutes, it was done. Obviously, this laser beam took a bit longer than creating the flaps but it was faster than expected and no pain whatsoever.I asked Dr. Nagy if I could have more numbing drops of my right eye and he just doused my eye with numbing drops telling me, "Whatever you want. You want more eye drops? Okay."His voice and tone was just so soothing, calm and professional!One day later, one of my eyes got so bruised from the pressure they applied.The next thing I knew, Dr. Nagy was telling me, I'm done. His team congratulated me on completing my LASIK. He then led me to a seat where he brushed up any flaws (it was weird to see a brush up against my eyes and not feeling it). His attention to detail was spot on and made me feel comfortable.After the surgery, I was brought back to the dark room where I laid for an hour. At this point, I couldn't open my eyes without it stinging. It didn't hurt, but it was just uncomfortable.After an hour, one of the assistants called me to check up on my eyes. She numbed my eyes once more so I can fully open them for a bit for her to check before I leave the clinic.I went home, took a nap, woke up and went over to my boyfriend's. All while seeing perfectly... I was so surprise that after a 4 hours nap, I went from being nearsighted to seeing (almost) perfectly.  One week later, my eyes are slowly healing from the bruising but nonetheless, I have 20/20 vision again. This time around, the only time I ever want to go back to glasses is due to old age. I'm taking care of my eyes properly by limited my electronics usage and reading under better conditions (reading in poorly lit conditions was how my eyes started to get worst in the first place).If anyone is considering getting LASIK done, do it. I don't regret investing in this surgery at all, and if you can afford it, opt for the All Laser! It made my experience soooo much more better and comfortable for me. Looking back, I was extremely excited for the procedure but I couldn't have imagine what it would be like for me if I never got that free upgrade.


Posted on Mon, 24 April 2017
It’s been a while. I wanted to provide a little update because I know I’ve been quiet recently on the blog and on social media. This break wasn’t exactly planned, but it has been much needed. Spending 8+ hours on my computer every day at work made me very conscious of the time I was […]
Posted on Sat, 08 April 2017
Hello everyone! Last Sunday I had my very first hike for the year 2017! Took me a long time to go back to hiking but finally I manage to find time and so I did 🙂 I came with my ACN friends. We long planned together […]
Posted on Tue, 28 March 2017
Hey everyone! I haven’t posted in a while because I was super busy with school and midterms. Now that testing is over, I have more time! I was on YouTube watching some makeup videos when I came across a video talking about a cheap makeup haul. If you know any struggling college students trying to Continue reading ...
Posted on Sat, 25 March 2017
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque libero dui, molestie eget ipsum volutpat, rutrum sagittis diam. Nam eu nulla quis tellus malesuada dignissim nec sit amet ligula. Pellentesque vehicula tortor justo, sed scelerisque lorem ullamcorper vel. Suspendisse dui quam, malesuada quis elementum ut, dignissim sit amet nisl. Quisque molestie urna ac erat pretium […]
Posted on Fri, 10 February 2017
It’s been a while! For the past few months most of my free time has been dedicated to my bachelor thesis. I’m so proud to say though that it’s pretty much done and I have a life again! I’m handing it in in two days and then I’ll never have to look at it again! […]
Posted on Sun, 01 January 2017
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post a 2016 wrap-up. Truthfully, I didn’t really plan to do much at the start of…
Posted on Tue, 29 November 2016
So, I encountered the most absolutely ridiculous thing today. I encountered adults whose actions would have qualified them for a high school drama club. In recent months I had been posting online asking for help with obtaining certain things as well as selling stuff. It’s all on Facebook. The social network has really made buying […]
Posted on Thu, 17 November 2016
... and it now turned into a relationship.Do you know what it feels like to have a crush? I am talking about a real one, about someone who is not a superstar or anime/fiction character. An actual person. You may or may not be able to touch them because of the distance, but you have the feeling of giving someone who's dear to you your heart.'I love you.'Whenever I said that to my crush, she either say 'I love you too', but back then, we were not a dating yet. No, it was more platonic rather than romantic. But hey– let me tell you; I started developing a romantic crush for that person. This person made my days better, whenever I talked to them. Their present was a gift and I enjoyed it very much. My heart always skipped a beat when we were being platonic everytime in a group chat. But it made my crush on this person even stronger. It was so strong I decided to confess to them. I told them how I felt, and I am honest– I am no big person of words but only saying 'I have a crush on you' would be awkward. So I told them why, I told them how, I told them how much they meant to me. Considering the fact we know each other for a month,  I thought it would be too quick, I would be rushing and I didn't want to. But I didn't want to see my crush 'moving on' and being with someone else so I took the opportunity and told them how I felt.Of course they were surprised, of course they didn't expect that. Well I did't expect them to reciprocate their feelings either and here we are. It all happened today, I had a very bad morning but after confessing, I felt way better. I was nervous all day, I didn't know what to do. I was even pale in my face because I skipped my breakfast which was a big mistake but... Here we are. Here I am. I have a significant other, I am really happy.They make me smile. And as long as I do the same, it is okay.
Posted on Fri, 11 November 2016
Matcha has been my favorite beverage ever since I first tasted it. In any cafes I go to in the Philippines, that’s what I would always order. So coming here in Europe, I totally missed the green tea powdered goodness that I used to always drink. I even tried the imitation Matcha powdered drinks I found in shops but it was no help. Nothing could beat an authentic match made in Japan. Luckily, the Lord may have heard my prayers and I’ve seen some cafes here in Belgium now starting to offer matcha beverages. Starbucks Teavana I learned about the newly released line from Starbucks when my favorite blogger in the Philippines snapped a photo the Matcha & Espresso Fusion drink in her Instagram. Although Starbucks Belgium doesn’t have that beverage in their list yet, they had the Citrus & Green Tea Latte instead. It’s still matcha, so I gave it a try. I specifically noted to the barista that I didn’t want any citrus in it, only green tea. But the barista didn’t clearly understood what I meant, I guess. I still could sense citrus-y bits in my drink. The citrus blends with the matcha, making it weak, which […]
Posted on Fri, 28 October 2016
I traveled with Christopher to Maui this summer, in July. We made a few youtube videos about it. I would love to write, but I feel like the video was honestly more visual than anything I could write about my travels. Snorkeling at Makena Beach Maui Adventure Roundup The post Maui Trip appeared first on Meet Domenica.
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