Posted on Sun, 16 April 2017
Happy Easter to those that celebrate it! 🙂 Today I spent the morning exploring the historic docks in Gloucester where they had a Spring festival and vintage fun fair. We started with a light breakfast in Bill’s, the restaurant I frequent in Cheltenham which I didn’t realise until today also has a premises in Gloucester! I’ll definitely be going back in future. It’s been a while since I’ve explored Gloucester city and it’s definitely had a lot of improvements over the years. There’s a wide range of restaurants and bars at the docks as well as an outlet shopping centre. Read More... The post Happy Easter from the Gloucester Spring Festival appeared first on Chimmyville.


Posted on Fri, 24 February 2017
Circumstances separated both of them.He feels bad that he keep her waiting on date night. His family needed him the most at that time. He loves her so much that he cannot bear to see her lonely.She feels bad she cannot answer his calls at midnight. She loves him so much that it hurts her not to comfort him immediately.They decided not to hurt each other anymore, not to keep each other waiting.   They cried.Her career is now stable. Traveled the world with different partners but she keeps on wishing it was him.He has built his empire and has funded different charity institutions. Talked in different languages but he keeps on wishing she was there.They try not cross each other's path until destiny intervene.At the place where they first met. One minute after he leaves she arrived.The next day he saw her but she didn't - at least that is what he thought. He wondered if it was all too late.Eleven days after in a funeral house he saw her but she didn't. He cried because it was too late.
Posted on Fri, 10 February 2017
It’s been a while! For the past few months most of my free time has been dedicated to my bachelor thesis. I’m so proud to say though that it’s pretty much done and I have a life again! I’m handing it in in two days and then I’ll never have to look at it again! […]
Posted on Sat, 04 February 2017
  This Article Forge WordPress plugin aims to make available a competent facility to assist in the writing, publishing, as well as care of hierarchical files for the internet.   Files are arranged such the head is made up of...
Posted on Thu, 12 January 2017
If you have been exploring your skincare treatment options already, you probably know that laser skincare procedures are very popular. In fact, some people think of them as fast miracle cures for any number of skin issues. However, they aren’t always as fast or miraculous as they appear. While laser machines certainly have their uses, including treating scars and wrinkles, they can also have their drawbacks. Some laser treatments can irritate sensitive skin, causing rashes and discolorations. Those side effects can be either permanent or temporary. Oily skin can also be harmed more than helped by certain laser treatments because... Related posts: Night Routine for Your Face Massaging your Beauty Routine: How a Massage Can Save You Time and Money I Started Using Natural Skincare Products and Here’s My Story
Posted on Sun, 01 January 2017
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post a 2016 wrap-up. Truthfully, I didn’t really plan to do much at the start of the year. I went with my gut a lot this year and just let life take me where it wanted. My decisions weren’t so planned out this year, and I am fine… Continue reading On 2016 →
Posted on Wed, 30 November 2016
Yep, I’ve not been around to blog. To be honest, I’ve not really felt like it. I’d love to give the make-up stuff justice, but when I don’t go out a great deal, I don’t feel like using it and don’t see the point of it when I’m hanging around in the house. I do […]
Posted on Tue, 29 November 2016
So, I encountered the most absolutely ridiculous thing today. I encountered adults whose actions would have qualified them for a high school drama club. In recent months I had been posting online asking for help with obtaining certain things as well as selling stuff. It’s all on Facebook. The social network has really made buying […]
Posted on Wed, 23 November 2016
Our world has many problems we can and can’t fix. But our social issues hold the most promise. Diversity issues need diverse people who have intimate knowledge of the minority issues to solve them and allies to help change the …
Posted on Thu, 17 November 2016
... and it now turned into a relationship.Do you know what it feels like to have a crush? I am talking about a real one, about someone who is not a superstar or anime/fiction character. An actual person. You may or may not be able to touch them because of the distance, but you have the feeling of giving someone who's dear to you your heart.'I love you.'Whenever I said that to my crush, she either say 'I love you too', but back then, we were not a dating yet. No, it was more platonic rather than romantic. But hey– let me tell you; I started developing a romantic crush for that person. This person made my days better, whenever I talked to them. Their present was a gift and I enjoyed it very much. My heart always skipped a beat when we were being platonic everytime in a group chat. But it made my crush on this person even stronger. It was so strong I decided to confess to them. I told them how I felt, and I am honest– I am no big person of words but only saying 'I have a crush on you' would be awkward. So I told them why, I told them how, I told them how much they meant to me. Considering the fact we know each other for a month,  I thought it would be too quick, I would be rushing and I didn't want to. But I didn't want to see my crush 'moving on' and being with someone else so I took the opportunity and told them how I felt.Of course they were surprised, of course they didn't expect that. Well I did't expect them to reciprocate their feelings either and here we are. It all happened today, I had a very bad morning but after confessing, I felt way better. I was nervous all day, I didn't know what to do. I was even pale in my face because I skipped my breakfast which was a big mistake but... Here we are. Here I am. I have a significant other, I am really happy.They make me smile. And as long as I do the same, it is okay.
Posted on Fri, 11 November 2016
Matcha has been my favorite beverage ever since I first tasted it. In any cafes I go to in the Philippines, that’s what I would always order. So coming here in Europe, I totally missed the green tea powdered goodness that I used to always drink. I even tried the imitation Matcha powdered drinks I found in shops but it was no help. Nothing could beat an authentic match made in Japan. Luckily, the Lord may have heard my prayers and I’ve seen some cafes here in Belgium now starting to offer matcha beverages. Starbucks Teavana I learned about the newly released line from Starbucks when my favorite blogger in the Philippines snapped a photo the Matcha & Espresso Fusion drink in her Instagram. Although Starbucks Belgium doesn’t have that beverage in their list yet, they had the Citrus & Green Tea Latte instead. It’s still matcha, so I gave it a try. I specifically noted to the barista that I didn’t want any citrus in it, only green tea. But the barista didn’t clearly understood what I meant, I guess. I still could sense citrus-y bits in my drink. The citrus blends with the matcha, making it weak, which […]
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