Posted on Wed, 07 June 2017
This begins my two-day (or so) retrospective about the final days of our trip. I'll back up to the quilt shop in Fort Bragg, and that was quite a surprise. I almost couldn't believe my eyes finding such a nice quilt shop in such a small town.Whenever we're in a new place, I always check my quilt shop app, usually not expecting to find anything. To Mike, I said, "Hm...I wonder if there's a quilt shop in Fort Bragg." Lo and behold, something came up! "There is!" I shouted, using my most excited voice. (I always use my excited voice to let Mike know how happy I'd be if he'd be a good sport and stop in. He always is. It's an agreement we have....he stops at quilt shops. I do the laundry. It works.)The first screen on the app shows me a pin on a map. When I clicked on the pin:"Oh, I said. 'Broken Leg Sports' doesn't sound like the name of a quilt shop." Mike brightened at this thought. (That reminds me, you really should give a read to this hilarious speech, given by the husband of a quilter.) Then, I clicked on the upper left corner "Shops" and came up with a list that included this:You'll notice it's the same address. Remembering my hardware store/quilt shop combo in Thayne, Wyoming, I wondered if it was something similar, and so I gave them a call. Sure enough! It was a quilt shop...in the flesh...right there in Fort Bragg! I couldn't believe my good fortune, and so we turned the truck around and rushed right over. Walking in the front door, you see this:To my right was the cutest display of mini quilts.And this was a very large store with lots of nice fabrics. As I strolled through the bolts, I chatted with the store owner about "Broken Leg Sports". She said it was the former woman tenant who ran a sewing machine shop and also did some machine embroidery. Still, I wondered about the name. Do you suppose she broke her leg at some point and took to sewing as a creative outlet? Just a guess.Getting back to the fabrics, the first ones I saw were these black and whites. To the right of them was a small shelf of black and whites with one other color. You can see they start there in the lower right side of the image below.I wandered all through the shop, and there was a lot to see. Definitely something for everybody here.This next grouping was all flannel, and they also had a good supply of felt on the bolt.There was a long row of pretty batiks, fanciful polka dots,and fun stripes. You know I loves me a good striped binding.And while this was really a quilt shop, it also catered to the dressmakers among their customer base.They had a nice supply of patterns, books, notions, and a big section of sale fabrics.And sock monkeys! Happy, happy, joy, joy!At the end of the row of batiks were these that initially looked like homespuns.As it turns out they were gradient-style batiks, and very pretty. It was hard not to take a bolt of each.I ended up getting about a yard of this one...I wanted enough to get the full range of color.And this one...I just liked it...no other reason, although it might make a nice binding for my blue jay quilt...the quilt of a thousand fabrics that isn't even started yet. I want to be sure I'm ready before embarking on that project. Besides, it has spawned plenty of reasons for fabric purchases. Perhaps that is its only purpose in life.Here's another one that caught my eye. The bright squiggles are metallic gold...so pretty.At every quilt shop I visited in California, I was looking for some California poppy fabric for my Quilty 365. I'm sure it exists somewhere, but I haven't found it. This one seemed pretty close, and I can cut a section with the smaller yellow flowers. It's similar enough for my purpose. I mentioned to the shop owner that I'd been looking for poppy fabrics. She said she'd had a lot of them at one time, but the manufacturers apparently moved on from that. Sigh. Always late to the party...it's the story of my life. One need only look at the dearth of jury summonses I've received to see the truth in that. Maybe now that I've been called it will all change.So, that shop was quite a find. Definitely stop in if you find yourself in Fort Bragg. Lots of fabrics and a friendly owner.We made quite a bit of progress putting things back in order yesterday. The trailer is unpacked and put back in its parking space. Most everything is put away inside the house. My piles of sewing crap are all sitting at the top of the stairs, and each time I go down, I grab something else. Today I'll finish putting all of that way. We have a large grocery shop on the agenda today, and then I think things can start to feel more normal.We've realized we have a couple of families of squirrels out front. We know there's more than one family because they are different breeds. We have the pesky "gray diggers" also known as California gray squirrels:and these smaller red guys. I believe these are known as American red squirrels.There are several juveniles and at least one adult of the gray diggers and at least one juvenile and one adult of the red squirrels. Yes, the juveniles are as adorable as kittens. Nevertheless, we're starting to feel mildly outnumbered, and that's never a good thing. They can be very destructive, and they continue to multiply. Smitty and Sadie can only do so much.We still let Smitty outside under close supervision, and we're hoping he can encourage them to move to the other side of the property. If not, we'll have to trap them. Don't ask what happens to the ones we catch. It's an unfortunate end for them, but we can't have them taking over the place either. As for Sadie, she's happy we're back into our morning routine of me reading email and checking in on Facebook while she naps. She's a back sleeper...kind of unusual for a cat...especially one as anxious as she is.Tomorrow I'll finish off with our trip by telling you about Crescent City and the lighthouse at Battery Point.Pin It


Posted on Wed, 05 October 2016
It’s been almost 40 days since our wedding and how does it feel? About the same lol  I’m not really sure if I expected it to feel different? I really don’t know. Eddie and I talked about it some over the last few days and have come to the conclusion that that’s a very good […]
Posted on Sat, 24 September 2016
Hello Lovelies,For almost three years, you've all known me here at AGOB. However, I've had many other blogs in that time, many other sites I'd run, all aimed at different audiences. All of them were a genuine part of me, but none of them were completely me. I'd have different parts of me on different sites and everyone knew a slightly different Sarah. My real life friends knew me as one Sarah online, some online friends knew me as another Sarah, and others knew me as yet another Sarah.I've decided that this isn't how I want to do this anymore. It's exhausting trying to figure out where I'll post a certain thing and where I won't post another. I want to be integral. I want to be the same person here as I would be anywhere else. I don't want people to know different versions of me.Which I why I've decided it's time to move. It's time to move from having four blogs to one. It's time to be real wherever I am. So I'm moving to a site called Meraki, the definition of which is "the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work". I want to put all of me into my work, not just parts. So what I've done is I've taken posts from different blogs and compiled a selection of them on this new blog. That'll be the blog I'll post on from now on. The only one. So if you'd like to keep in touch, and I hope you do, come over and follow me there! It's been an incredible journey with you all and I'm definitely going to miss the security and comfort of AGOB, but I know this is what I need to do. So for the last time here at least, this is Sarah signing off on A Glimpse of Blue. 
Posted on Fri, 09 September 2016
August, oh August. I frankly don’t know how I would describe this month. It contained an equal amount of highs and lows. I found my moods swinging from being happy and feeling great one week and then rapidly sinking down the next week. It was an inevitable cycle. But I’m positive September will be better. For […]
Posted on Sun, 04 September 2016
So I have their songs stuck in my head now thanks to the ads that was strategically placed every time I want to hear a Halsey song on Youtube. BLACKPINK – BOOMBAYAH (붐바야) BLACKPINK – Whistle (휘파람) (Darn, I need to fix my site’s encoding. It irks me that foreign characters come out as a […]
Posted on Wed, 20 April 2016
I have never been a “natural athlete.” I have never had talents for the athletics, and I trip over air periodically.  Knowing this (I guess I was always a slow slothy child), my parents put me through vigorous athletic childhood.  I swam for 10 years (2 to 12 years old), and played tennis for almost...Continue Reading
Posted on Wed, 13 April 2016
This year I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day… with a brand new Birth Control! That’s right kids. I’m taking charge of my reproductive health. A woman can make these decisions, you know. It’s a thing now. I was inspired to write about it due to a HuffPo piece this week.  Women have been sharing their stories […]
Posted on Thu, 07 April 2016
tolerance “Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.” ~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali I don’t care if your gay, muslim, or black. Nor do I care if your white, christen or straight. I do not see you identified as a label. Why should … Continued The post What is tolerance? appeared first on Whisper wars.
Posted on Thu, 07 January 2016
Happy New Year all you cuties! I hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family! For my Christmas break, I ended up spending time with family and friends. It was a lovely time off and great to catch up with everyone, but I felt that tired hosting so many parties! I think […]
Posted on Mon, 13 July 2015
It’s been a long while since I last updated my blog and I do apologize about that. I have been steadily busy with other things that at this moment right now, seem a little less important compared to what I am about to discuss. I … Continue reading The Truth About Abuse
Posted on Sat, 01 November 2014
It turns out my motivation at completing writing prompts is pretty low. In the beginning of the month I was going to do a bunch of the posts and liked the ideas and then it never happened. Early in October...
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