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I Peed A Little - Writings
Every once in a while, I get the urge to write a new poem or short story. Sometimes they're funny, and sometimes they're, well, not.

Old Betty Henderson: Chocolate Chaos
Category: Stories
'The Lord watches over all of your sins!' said Father Charles wit...

Old Betty Henderson: Fishing Frenzy
Category: Stories
Old Betty Henderson did not have the strongest connection with he...

Old Betty Henderson: Let's Go Shopping
Category: Stories
Old Betty Henderson walked into the front door of the new, giant ...

Old Betty Henderson: She's Got Mail
Category: Stories
Old Betty Henderson looked down at her desk. On the old, wooden t...

Old Betty Henderson: Time For A Nap
Category: Stories
Old Betty Henderson was paranoid. She checked her house constantl...

Patience Is Required
Category: Poetry
I've been here for so long, and I feel really sick. My head hurts...

Pesky Hail
Category: Poetry
Rain flows down a feeble line, and paints a most distressing sign...

Pillsbury: My Heart-Attack To Yours
Category: Stories
It felt wonderful to simply relax. After a week that was packed w...

Poisoned Scraps
Category: Poetry
devour the right to embrace, and poison the scraps of our fling; ...

Ride The Wind
Category: Poetry
Silly hope once took my mind and gave the most hypnotic kiss. End...

Robot Factory
Category: Poetry
Oozing grease drips down beyond the heap of clutter fused by bolt...

She's Lost Her Marbles
Category: Poetry
She had her head against the wall. While listening she heard it a...

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