Bomb Voyage! This Story Is Explosive!

Let’s embark on a little thought experiment, shall we? Imagine it’s a serene Saturday morning. You rise from your bed, still a little groggy, but since you got to sleep in, you’re generally feeling refreshed and fantastic. You slip on your trusty Hello Kitty slippers, swallow your pride, and exit the bedroom.

You make your way to the kitchen for breakfast, humming an annoyingly catchy tune. Grabbing a box of cereal, you sing to yourself, “Oppa Gangnam Style.” But as you take a seat at the table, you realize, tragically, there’s nothing to read. Remembering the local newspaper awaiting outside, you make a beeline for the front door. Stepping into the driveway, however, you’re met with a shocking sight: two pipe bombs resting on your front lawn. What on earth do you do?

Whatever your response, I wager it’s far more sensible than what unfolded in Hempstead, New York. There, a bus driver faced this very predicament and opted for arguably the worst course of action imaginable. Instead of waiting for assistance, she took it upon herself to transport the bombs to the police.

Reports indicate she wrapped the devices in blankets, stowed them in her vacant school bus, and set off towards the nearest police precinct. En route, she dialed authorities on her cellphone, declaring, “I have a school bus filled with explosives!”

Yikes. Does this bus driver realize the gravity of her actions? I mean, do idiots have the brain capacity to recognize they don’t have the brain capacity?

Perhaps there were warning signs – the inability to differentiate “your” from “you’re,” a penchant for typing in all caps, or even an appreciation for recent Adam Sandler flicks.

Hell, somebody probably put those pipe bombs on her lawn to rid the world of her idiotic existence.

One cannot discount her bravery, though. Faced with a potentially lethal threat, I’d scream at the top of my lungs, dive in the opposite direction, and crawl under a car. I wouldn’t try to wrap the bomb in a warm fleece blanket.

Yes, she tucked in that bomb like a newborn baby. Did she really think she could prevent it from detonating if it took a little nappy-poo?

Honestly, if she can’t discern between a child and a bomb, should she really be entrusted with the safety of a busload of kids? She was five minutes away from diapering the explosive. Though, truth be told, a diaper might have made more sense. At least diapers can handle some explosions.

And after all that nonsense, the woman was not arrested. They let her slide, because, well, she had good intentions. She did, however, lose her job. Although she is probably mortified, she shouldn’t be. She has other employment opportunities on the horizon…

Next year you can catch her on the silver screen alongside Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, attempting to keep a bus above 50 miles per hour.

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May 14 8:18 pm

omg. lol she is a crazy bus driver. lol
was there kids in the bus with the explosive? i hope not.
glad she was fired though.

May 14 7:30 pm

I totally wrote a comment on here and apparently I did something wrong. I am a genius!

So….Boyfriend of mine…. you are beautiful. FYI. I heard this entire story in the car with you and you basically told it to me word for word. Yet I loved reading it. YAY! And I can't wait to hear more. And your songs….more songs….YAY! I can't wait!

I love you! hehe.

May 14 7:24 pm

GRRR it lost my comment. Poo poo poo. Told me to type characters from the image WHICH I DID….. O.o

Anyhoooo. Count yourself still special! I added you to my big page of links 😀

May 14 6:18 pm

YOUR BACK?! lol and selena gomez is from wizards of wizardly place another show on the disney channel lol yea ashley has a cd coming out. I think more broadway singers should get a CD or EVEN YOU:) cause ashley tisdale sounds so bad.

Do you want to be affies again?! i moved u to an exit page cause you had a very long hiatus lol

and wow i think she's brave and a little stuupid. I meean bombs?! i would call the cops but not touch them. Knowing me i would press the wrong thing on them

May 14 3:57 pm

I'm so happy I stumbled upon this website. Your blogs make me giggle <3 I, too, moan and hump walls during thunderstorms XD

May 14 3:57 pm

hey! thanks for the comment. wanna link ex? 🙂

May 14 3:56 pm

Good new entry.

May 14 3:20 pm

Wow really? because you love yourself more? haha that kinda makes sense lol wow your site has alot of stuff!!! which is awesome btw 😀
i would probably be very very creeped out and just run faster than you can say boom
haha where did you find the story?
maybe she did think it would nt ignite if it took a nap XD

May 14 3:02 pm

hehe, the anti-spam code said 'twats' anywayyy. That amused me way too much!

The talent show thing was actually really good. I knew some people doing it, and the winner sang 'Wind Beneath My Wings' by.. uh.. can't remember.

Oh yah, my twitter. Ha! I forgot about that!


May 14 2:30 pm

WHATT??! i love gossip girl!
i dunno why you think its boring…xD

May 14 2:05 pm

aww thanks; the weather is getting better; it rained once this week so I guess that's an improvement ! xD

May 14 1:36 pm

Uh sure? LMAO

May 14 1:35 pm

That was soo jerky. HAHAHA! Made me hella laugh. But tho, it's freaky. HAHA!

May 14 1:16 pm

Wow. lol. That is insane. People demonstrate how stupid they are each and everyday. I'd be damned if I'd touch a bomb!

May 14 12:01 pm

Thanks C= I hate prefinals though because they're 10% of our final grade. I don't get why they grade a practice.. O_O

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