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Silent Night? Uhh… Not Quite

Two years ago, I woke up in my dorm to find my roommate and several of his friends hovering over my bed, grinning like they’d just pulled off the ultimate prank. Naturally, I thought they’d sharpied a dingdong on my face. But no, they were just laughing at the strange noises I was making. Apparently, I moan in my sleep. Now, to my knowledge, these aren’t sexual moans (and if they are, why the hell [...]

3 Bizarre New Years Traditions

I’ve come to a rather unconventional conclusion: every New Year’s tradition was concocted by a lunatic. Seriously, people do some truly bizarre shit when they celebrate. For example, here in America, we guzzle down drinks, swap spit, set off explosives in the sky, and create a racket with pots and pans. Perhaps worst of all, we watch a ball drop (which, let’s face it, sounds a lot like watching puberty). But wait, it gets weirder. [...]

Suck It! Vampires Can Bite Me!

Vampires confuse the hell out of me. I mean, if something’s immortal, it shouldn’t be able to die, right? I can forgive one weakness, but when their immortality is compromised by sunlight, lack of blood, garlic, religion, fire, running water, silver, and even wooden stakes through the heart, they’re basically just humans with a dietary restriction. Seriously, the cheerleader from Heroes was more of a badass. Who came up with the wooden stake idea, anyway? [...]

2020 Vision: The End is in Sight

I’m freaking out right now. I barely catch my breath. With 2010 upon us, there’s a crisis on our hands. No, I’m not talking about Doomsday predictions, a zombie apocalypse, or even running out of toilet paper. This is far more terrifying. Brace yourself. We’re facing the extinction of novelty New Year’s glasses. For a solid decade, the two zeros in the middle of the year were a godsend for eyewear designers. They could whip [...]
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